Choosing the Skin Care Products to Avoid Acne

Choosing the Skin Care Products to Avoid Acne

Whatever your age is, having “fresh radiant skin” means being devoid of acne and having healthy skin enough to glow and be noticed by others. You would perhaps wonder that with all the evils of the environment from dust, dirt, and heat, can you still achieve healthy, acne-free skin?

Others can do it, so why can’t you? It all comes down to being able to choose the best skin care products for your skin type. Despite being made of the same organelles and cells, genes still determine the make of your skin and thus the products suited for you. There are people with naturally radiant skin, others with dry skin, and yet those with oily skin.

The following are the different skin types with their respective care tips to avoid acne and achieve radiant skin:

1)Normal skin type. This is the easiest to work with, but not all are lucky enough to be endowed with this skin type. You won’t have to do much to achieve a radiant skin. You might have a few episodes of acne outbreaks during times of extreme stress, but these can be easily managed to get your radiant skin back. Just make sure to cleanse your face regularly.

To maintain your radiant skin, you can use cleansing facial washes and apply facial masks twice or thrice a week. The facial wash removes the superficial dirt, which clogs your pores and causes acne inflammation. The mask removes deep-seated dirt that your facial wash missed.

2)Dry skin type. Chaffing, wrinkling, and sagging are very common for this skin type especially if you do not institute measures to achieve radiant skin. When skin breaks are present, bacteria can easily infect your face. As a general rule, what is dry should be kept wept. You can achieve this by choosing the right moisturizing skin care products.

Top in the list of products for dry skin are moisturizers and hydrating masks that nourish and rejuvenate your face. Most of them contain natural antioxidants from both animals and plants. Oils are especially growing in popularity because aside from preventing acne, they cure worsening acne and act as scar treatment.

3)Oily skin type. This can be the most problematic of all skin types. Because of the active sebaceous glands, there is constant production of oil. The oil then traps dirt and dust, which when acted upon by bacteria naturally present in the skin causes inflammation. People with this skin type usually have acne too often that are hard to get rid of.

Another general rule of skin regimen selection is to make what is wet, dry. To achieve radiant skin, you need to stay away from skin care products with harsh ingredients such as alcohols, dioxane, fragrances, and parabens. Natural products are always better. Before putting on facial powder, moisturize with oil to manage acne scars. Oils also act as keloid treatment. Application of powder will keep your skin dry. Read more about acne treatment reviews to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in managing skin problems.