Canada Pet Care Review, Complaints and Coupon Code: 10 Things You Should Know about!

Canada Pet Care ( is an online pet care store that usually offers discount price and coupons for almost all of its pet products. The products are superb and the support is prompt.

CanadaPetCare Review and Complaints

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Here are 1o things you should know about Canada Pet Care

1. Excellent price, you can always get 30% lower than the similar quality products on the Pet care market.
2. K9 Advantix II pack from CanadaPetCare works good for treating fleas and ticks. According to many users, all fleas and ticks were killed quickly and no side effects reported.
3. They always have the latest pet care products. Always check out the newest ones.
4. Frontline Plus and Bravecto from CanadaPetCare are the most popular the flea preventive. It’s recommended to change the flea preventive from time to time
5. The support team is polite, prompt and professional. They will help you deal with any issue and sort out the problem.
6. Many Products come from Singapore, UK rather than from Canada. The quality can be guaranteed. All of the products are in manufacturer’s original packing.
7. Users can receive their pet care products on time.
8. It has tracking numbers on all of its delivered products. You can track where the product is using the tracking numbers.
9. Free shipping always available if your overall payment reaches a certain number
10. It already have coupons and discounts on their official site so don’t trust any other online sites that claim to give you an extra discount or coupon code for CanadaPetCare.

Are the drugs legitimate?
There’re some negative comments online saying drugs from CanadaPetCare are Chinese knock-off. But if you do more researches online, in fact there’s many people also had such worries before the purchase, but after they used the products, they found that drugs are so effective and affordable. Then they became the returning customers.


1. Make sure you read the description of the pet care product you want to purchase
2. Order the products in advance before you run out of the medicine
3. Do not purchase it if you just want products shipped from Canada because most of their products transported from Singapore or UK.
4. If you meet any issue, do phone them or write them emails.
5. Usually you can receive the products from 5 days to 15 days. Do not buy it if you need the products the next day.

How to deal with the delay?
Sometimes because of some reason the delivery delayed. According to my experience here are simple steps to follow:
1. Check out your tracking number and see where your product has been.
2. If you find any problem, call them or email them and ask the reason for the delay.
3. If you want to get a refund, call them or write them emails and explain the reason.
Usually you will get a satisfactory answer.

Canada Pet care coupon code

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Always check out the official site and get the newest coupon code!

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