SpecForce Alpha Review (Tobb Lamb): 10 Things You should Know About SpecForce Alpha pdf eBook!

SpecForce is a very popular bodybuilding ebook on market that helps you reshape the body and no equipment needed. The protocol within SpecForce Alpha is organized by Todd Lamb who is a former Swat Leader And Elite Military Operator. The techniques have been employed by the army, firefighters and special unites of police to maintain the Alpha body shape, that means ripped silhouette with powerful muscles, strong shoulders and chest.

Tobb Lamb’s SpecForce Alpha Review: Here are 10 things you should know

SpecForce Alpha Review (Tobb Lamb) 10 Things You should Know About SpecForce Alpha pdf eBook

  1. This is a guide that you can do it yourself at anywhere you feel comfortable.
  2. Todd Lamb himself went through so many training sessions with the special units that he organized the protocol and shared to anyone who wants a stronger body. All of the protocols have been experienced and tested by Todd himself.
  3. You can obtain the result at a very short time for sure because the techniques have been tested by the author himself and by thousands of the units members. Below is one of the user after using for a short term you can see amazing changes.
SpecForce Alpha Review (Tobb Lamb) 10 Things You should Know About SpecForce Alpha pdf eBook Reinhard

User testimonial: before and after photo

4. The workout routine is applicable and easy to follow.
5. With “The Spec force Alpha” you don’t have to purchase any particular workout equipment because all the workout sessions are done using self body weight.
6. No steroids shots are required during the process to increase the metabolism and the bodybuilding process.
7. You don’t have to change your dietary habits. You can eat anything you like.
8. It will improve your testosterone and growth hormones naturally. Thus your sexual life will be improved and you will gain a more dominant male attitude. This will help you attract women as well and it also helps you fight stress with specially designed workout sessions.
9. It helps you burn fat and turn the fat mass to the muscle mass.
10. this ebook is not fit for anyone stated within the presentation video on the home page. Check out if you are fit or not here.

As it comes with 60 days money back guarantee, It is worth trying because you have 0 risk purchasing it!

SpecForce Alpha Review (Tobb Lamb) 10 Things You should Know About SpecForce Alpha pdf eBook 2

Jason Ferruggia The Renegade Diet Review: 7 Things You Should Know!

Jason Ferruggia The Renegade Diet Review: 7 Things You Should Know!

The Renegade Diet program, created by Jason Ferruggia, is a comprehensive program for one to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time. After using the diet for one year and a half, I can assure you that The Renegade Diet is not scam and this is truly effective. In my article I will show you 2 samples of the diet and here are a few things you should know.

renegade-diet sample diet plan download 3

Jason Ferruggia The Renegade Diet Review: 7 Things You Should Know!

1. Jason Ferruggia is a well known trainer and a nutritionist and he has been in this field for more than 18 years. He wrote another popular ebook called: muscle gaining secrets. I bought the Renegade diet only because I found his “muscle gaining secrets” very interesting and useful. Now Renegade diet book is considered as one of the most professionally written books that have people gain a lean body.

2. The most interesting thing is the diet does not feature a lot of dieting restrictions. The diet will not force you to eat tasteless foods or starve yourself with just small portions of foods. You can even pound food at night.

3. It’s a way of life and you will enjoy the healthy way.

4. Here is a sample I followed myself. This is an early morning training sample because I always train myself in the morning.

renegade-diet sample diet plan

Another sample from another user.

renegade-diet sample diet plan download 2

In fact there’re 6 different plans you can choose from:

Afternoon training meal plan…
Build mass training plan…
A meal plan to revoke your “broken” metabolism…
And a lot more…

5. 10 rules of this diet:

renegade-diet sample diet plan download

6. The program works in phrases. You should not only eat right, but also at the right time. First you have to go through the “fasting phrase” which is necessary to allow your digestive system to have a rest. Then the under-eating phrase come next then the mentioned phases which will help you burb your bad eating habbit.

After using for 1 and a half, I should say the program will not only bring super fast result. It also helps you change your diet habits for a long term. The hard part is the first phase, it may take you days to adapt to it. Once you can handle it, everything else is a walk in the park.

7. The book is for people without serious diseases.

What the other experts think of the book?

renegade diet plan review

The final words:

After trying “The Renegade Diet” for more than a year, I can assure that the diet WORKS as wonders! As it is covered with 60 days money back guarantee. Why not give it a try today?!

To know more information about Renegade Diet, get a direct access to the official website.

theRenegadeDiet program review


Advanced Core Training Seminar Review (Dean Somerset): 10 Things You Should Know!

Advanced Core Training Seminar is one of my favorite fitness programs. I like the program because Advanced Core Training is the only one fitness program that is 100% Guaranteed Working and it does work! It is also one of the most powerful fitness programs on Internet so far.

Advanced Core Training Seminar Review (Dean Somerset): here are 10 things you should know!

Advanced Core Training Seminar Review (Dean Somerset) 2 10 Things You Should Know 3

1. Advanced Core Training Seminar will teach you how you can build muscle effectively without doing high intense exercises like a bodybuilder! It will give you a bad ass body in a short term!

2. Every movement has been optimized by the author Dean Somerset to be the most powerful one by combining the integrational postures, neural affect, breathing techniques, speed training, strength and power training.

3. The program is the only one fitness program online that 100% Guaranteed Working!

4. Dean Somerset is one of the best coaches that will remove your pain-all and help you get your desired results.

Advanced Core Training Seminar Review (Dean Somerset) 10 Things You Should Know!

5. If you have no idea of the difference between the core training exercises, then you should follow the program because it will tell you the differences and how you can do to work them together to get the maximum results.

6. It will show you what you should do to change your habits to maintain your desired body for as long as you want!

7. Easy to follow. You can learn everything by watching the video presentations.

8. You will learn how you can keep track of your progress which is the key to the success of your muscle building process.

9. It comes with a down-loadable app that’s easy to use

10. It will teach you why you should get rid of gym meals and what kind of meals you should go for!

The verdict
Advanced Core Training Seminar is one of the best fitness programs! It has been tested by hundreds of people already. The result is 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, you will get your full money back within 60 days!

Get it with 0 risk today!


Bikini Body Workouts Review (Jen Ferruggia): 8 Things You Should Know!

Here is my honest review of Jen Ferruggia’s “Bikini Body Workouts”. I write this review because the “Bikini Workout” helped me shed 36 pounds and 7 sizes in 4 months! In fact with the program, Jen Ferruggia successfully lost 50 pounds in just 6 months and finally got her bikini body! If you have less than 50 pounds of fat on your body, the e-book will help you achieve the bikini body much faster than the author!

Bikini Body Workouts Revew (Jen Ferruggia): 8 Things You Should Know!

bikinibodyworkouts review bikini body workouts pdf 2

Here are several things you should know about this program:

1. About the author (Jen Ferruggia). Jen Ferruggia played softball in her college and got a bachelor’s degree in Exercise movement science. Now she is a bodybuilding consultant and a personal trainer.

2. The Bikini Body Workout is very flexible. You can do it anywhere you feel comfortable with! You can also choose the workout routine that you are most interested in. Most of the sessions are short and fun, and yet so effective and intense!

3. It contains a booty blast workout that will help you build a firm and perky butt in short time!

4. The program effectively defined your muscle and burn off fat in a fast manner. With the program you will get less fat and more muscle thus achieving a hot bikini body in a few months!

5. The Bikini Body Workouts is the only one fitness ebook that you don’t have to buy any expensive home gyms or squipments! What you need are:
(1) a chair
(2) A bench
(3) A resistance band
(4) Dumbbells

6. The program is very well designed. It’s easy to follow and you can work these workouts workout feeling overwhelmed.

7. You will do workouts 45 minutes or less for each individual workouts and do 4 to 7 days a week. In sum it’s just 3 hours each week!

8. The main parts of this programs are:
(1) 4 Bikini body workout guides
Bikini body exercises
Video demonstrations that will show you how you should do to get the maximum results.
(2) nutrition guides and list of the approved nutritional supplements
(3) The list of the approved nutritional supplements, the bikini body grocery list
(4) A “booty blast” program as a free bonus!

The verdict

After trying so many fitness programs I should admit that this one is by far the BEST workout program! You can try it yourself! As it comes with 60 days money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

Now the price is just $29. Get it before the price goes up soon!

bikinibodyworkouts review bikini body workouts pdf

The official site

Visual Impact Frequency Training Review (Rusty Moore): 12 Things You Should Know!

Visual Impact Frequency Training is one of the best fitness programs today. It contains a unique method that is not used in any other fitness courses yet. Visual Impact Frequency Training is aimed at adding density to your physique quickly. I bought Rusty Moore’s fitness program in 2014 when it was just released. I bought it because Rusty Moore’s other programs had helped me a lot in bodybuilding. After following Visual Impact Frequency Training for about one year, my body is more firm and defined and I didn’t gain much weight!

Here are 12 Things You Should Know about Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Frequency Training program

visual impaclt frequency-training-book

About the author:

Rusty Moore is a well respected trainer himself and his other programs have gained many positive feed-backs in the past few years.visual impaclt frequency-training-book rusty moore

  1. The program has 0 refund rate. This is very low because the average of the fitness online programs is 10%.
  2. The basic behind this program is a “low volume high frequency” workout. With the workout you are compressing a month’s training into just 7 weeks’ period.
  3. Unlike the typical bodybuilding programs, this program is not targeted at mass gain or use the traditional exercising routine that causes muscle damages. It focuses on the improvement of your nerve impulse within your muscle for bodybuilding and weight loss.
  4. This program is not for you if you just want to add muscle size!
  5. You physique will be firmed up.
  6. It will minimize the muscle damage usually caused by the traditional fitness training.
  7. The program will guide you to do exercises 4 to 6 days/week so it’s very easy and comfortable to follow.
  8. Your strength will be increased tremendously within a short period.
  9. An effective way for loosing body fat!
  10. It strengthens your joints and your bones.
  11. You will get the workouts done in short time because of its short workout sessions.
  12. It comes with video demonstrations.

visual impact frequency training review

I strongly recommend this program to you no matter what level you are. The program comes with 2 months money back guarantee.

Now it is just sold for $47. But the price will soon go up because now it is so popular! Just go ahead and get it with 0 risk before the price goes up soon!!

Go to the official site: http://visualimpactfrequencytraining.com
visual impaclt frequency-training-book review

Adonis Golden Ratio System Review ( John Barban): 6 Things You Should Know

18 Days ago I was asked to write a review for Adonis Golden Ratio program created by John Barban. After reading through it and tried the Adonis Golden Ratio system, I realized it’s one of the best weight loss system you can find online nowadays. Why? Here are several things you should know!

Adonis Golden Ratio Review ( John Barban): 6 Things You Should Know

adonis golden ratio reviews

1. It’s very interesting that you can start by filling in your body weight measurements and it will automatically tell you where you should start from. In fact you can jump to different categories based on your body measurements’ changes.

2. You will get access to a series of instructional videos. These videos are listed in an organized way. With the videos you can easily find out what you should do.

3. About 7 days later I received an email that invited me to join in a contest. If you have “before and after” photos then you can submit to the system and compete with the others! It seems that people that win the contests are always the common people that have dedicated to the program.

4. It has an established forum and in the Adonis Golden Ratio community you can find nearly all of the answers to your questions. They are very helpful and always love the give the other member full supports. I have seen many bodybuilding forums and so far the Adonis Golden Ratio forum is the most active and professional one.

5. It will give you every tool you need to develop the physique you desire.

6. It offers 60 days full money back guarantee.

To sum up, this is one of the best body-building programs I have ever seen and I will give it a 5 star rating! Why not try it today?

Get it from the official site today!

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