Best Acne Scar Removal Cream

Best Acne Scar Removal Cream


Acne sometimes comes as a double jeopardy dilemma on one’s face. Initially, you are made to deal with zits. Afterwards, it leaves scars as a reminder of the former predicament.

It would definitely help if you have a bit of knowledge on the various kinds of acne in order for you to determine how to act with the different kinds of acne-induced scarring. You may already be aware of acne lesions or pimples. They appear when the pores of the skin are clogged with dead skin cells and oil. A clogged pore is the ideal spot for bacteria to breed and when they do, those red bumps (some are filled with pus) manifest at the top of the skin.


Forms of acne

The different forms of acne are:

• Mild acne This is represented by blackheads and whiteheads that many of us have had

• Moderate acne If you see reddish, inflamed pimples, they are examples of moderate acne. They are called papules and red ones with white spots at the top are called pustules.

• Severe acne When your pimples show up with pus and they become excruciatingly painful, they fall under the severe acne category.

What caused acne scars?

Acne scars are mostly the after effect of the severe kind. These nodes are more likely to leave permanent damage compared to the other types of acne. The most ideal thing to do when beset with acne is to get treatment as soon as they appear. With proper treatment, you may be able to avoid the aggravation and the propagation of your severe acne, which can lead to more scarring. Visit your dermatologist for immediate treatment.

Acne scars are some of the most difficult facial imperfections to remove. Not only are they extremely and embarrassingly visible, they are also very stubborn, especially when left untreated. Some are not only bumpy but they also appear as purple marks on the skin, giving the impression that you have been bruised.


Breakthrough: Acne removal cream that contains Collaxyl

For quite some time, the only popular removal method for acne scars involved laser treatment or surgery. Nevertheless, the latest dermatological breakthroughs including Collaxyl, which is present in a few acne scar removal creams, have shown some very promising results when it comes to scar removal. Collaxyl is a peptide (chain of amino acid monomers) that has been discovered to actually restore dead skin back to health. One of the best scar removal creams that contain collaxyl is the Dermagist Acne Scar Reduction System with guaranteed excellent skin scar removal effect and 100% safty! Just read about the following review and get 20% off today!

Dermagist Acne Scar Reduction System review


What is Collaxyl? Why is Dermagist Acne Scar Reduction System the best acne removal cream?

If you have not heard about collaxyl and its presence in excellent acne scar removal creams, you are not alone. It has been tagged as the most promising method in acne scar removal since laser treatment. In one experiment, collaxyl was spread to a piece of dead skin with a spot that has been torn in a laboratory. After 24 hours, the tear was spectacularly reduced. This amazing capability of collaxyl is best for the improvement of the texture of acne scars.

Mix it with other ingredients that possess properties that can eliminate skin discoloration brought about by acne scars and you have yourself the best scar removal cream there is. Some natural ingredients that have been known to eliminate discoloration in scars are Asafetida and Niacinamide root extracts.

Acai Berry extract is another ingredient used in the manufacturing of other acne scar removal creams. With all of acai berry’s amazing anti-oxidant properties, it can still squeeze in acne scar removal among its many benefits.


Best acne scar removal cream

The fundamental aspects that the best acne scar removal cream should have are:

• Being able to eliminate the “bruised” appearance after a pimple breakout

• Not blocking the pores which can cause more breakouts

• Flattening the uneven texture of the skin

With a highly efficient acne removal cream, you should instantly see results in a few weeks. Results would mean the actual healing of the acne scar.


How to prevent your acne scars from getting worse?

Here are some tips to prevent your acne scars from getting worse.

– Apply fancy creams and lotions to protect your skin.

One of the many things you should not do when dealing with acne scars is cover your face with fancy creams and lotions. These items will not better your chances of clearing your skin and it may even aggravate your skin more, resulting in more acne, making the scars redder and worse than ever.

– Avoid the Things That Can Make Your Acne Worse

Acne, when in the mild stage, rarely leaves marks and scars. That is the reason why you should take all measures to make your mild acne worse which can lead to ugly scars. Here are some of the things you need to avoid when you have acne.

– Picking the Acne

Scars are generally composed of collagen, the fiber usually located on the second layer of the skin. It is used by the body to repair itself. You may notice that acne scars are generally concave in shape. That is brought about by the loss of collagen due to extreme inflammation. Picking the acne can result to further inflammation and tiny wounds on the skin. When the skin is beaten, it becomes discolored, and scarring occurs in a short while. Attempting to pop acne may cause pus and bacteria to dig deeper into the skin. This would result in increased collagen damage and deeper acne scars.

– Topical Vitamin E

There have been rumors that applying vitamin E to an acne scar can help it cure faster. However, based on the research done at the University of Miami, placing Vitamin E right onto the scar can, in reality, hold back the healing process. In the same study, vitamin E showed no positive effect at all for every 9 out of 10 participants, and 3 out of 10 of those who used topical vitamin E even had contact dermatitis.

– Sun

Acne scars may darken when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Plus, the sun’s heat can hinder the curing process. Ultraviolet rays can stimulate pigment-producing cells which results to further discoloration. Use sunscreen lotions with an SPF of 30 or higher that contains the ingredient zinc oxide to make sure that you can protect your skin accordingly.

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