Baby Acne Symptoms, Causes and Baby Acne Treatment

Baby Acne Symptoms, Causes and Baby Acne Treatment

Ever heard of baby acne? Do you know baby acne treatment? It’s common to see acnes on teens or adult’s face, but for mothers just given birth to their babies, some of them would find their infact babies had acne breakout just overnight! It’s strange because babies are on really ‘healthy diet’ and no pressure from work at all! Today we will talk about baby acne symptoms, causes and baby acne treatment.

Baby Acne Symptoms, Causes and Baby Acne Treatment

Baby Acne Symptoms

Baby acne has several symptoms as below

– For most baby acne, the symptom is red bumps and those red bumps always appear on babies forehead, cheeks and chin

– It’s quite common to see baby acne from babies from they are birth to about 3 months of age.
Sometimes you can see white bumps that resemble whiteheads on babies’ forehead, cheeks and chin

– Milla, milla means acne pimples/acne disappeared soon from birth, like several weeks.

– If these disappear just weeks after birth, they’re called milia. Although it’s not easy to differentiate between milia from baby acnes, milia is not caused by hormone inbalance, in fact they occure because of dead skin trapped on skin surface.

– If the dead cells trapped in the mouth, it will be called as Epstein’s pearls. Milia is not serious at all, and can return to its normal status soon.


Baby Acne Causes

What are baby acne causes? The main ‘Baby acne causes’ is maternal hormones

– From tiny whiteheads to red baby acne, one main reason is leftover maternal hormones. Those hormones came from mother’s body during pregnancy.

– Hormone leftover resulted in overactivate the glants that produce oil may cause skin pores trapped and thus baby acne happens

– Babies have delicate skin and more prone to get skin problems

– There’s another baby acne caused by heat, called ‘baby heat rash’, always happen in winter when babies are in the dry central heating for long time, the overactive sweat glants caused by hot temperature may lead to a skin irritation and result in baby acne or baby pimples. Most of such acnes don’t have blistery or puslike appearance of the acnes I introduced above.


Baby Acne Treatment?

What are the baby acne treatments? The treatments are quite different from the adult acne. Here are the dos and donts.


– Keep those sensitive areas clean by washing the acne or pimples gently with warm water each day

– Blot it dry gently

– Use a mild lubricant soap which contains emollients. like Dove or Neutrogena.

– Dab the affected area with cool water

– Apply baking-soda solution (one teaspoon of baking-soda, a cup of water).

– For baby heat rash, apply a lanolin-based ointment on the sensitive area. The lanolin-based ointment has the protective and hypoallergenic effect. Prevent from the high temperature overbundle your baby again.


– Don’t apply the creams used to treat adolescent acne — they’re usually too strong for an infant’s delicate face.

– Do not use or hot water

Remember baby acne is quite common among babies and had no relation with future adult acnes, so you don’t need to worry too much.