Acne Tracker App: ScanZ Skin Imaging Device Helps Track and Prevent Acne Breakout (VIDEO)

Meet Acne Tracker App now! How to prevent acne on face? Want to track and prevent acne breakout simply? Now it becomes possible as a Jersey company invented a ScanZ Skin Imaging Device, a acne tracker app, which helps teens track their skin condition by connecting to the smartphone.

ScanZ Skin Imaging Device Helps Track and Prevent Acne

How does ScanZ Skin Imaging Device works to track acne prone skin? Here are the steps

1. ScanZ projects light with different wavelengths onto the surface of your skin

2. The whole 3D photo of your skin surface would be gathered and zits can be captured.

3. The data were sent to a smartphone app

4. The computer began analysing the data using its image processing algorithms to capture the zit information.

5. The app would ask reader several questions about the skin care products and diet regime

6. The app calculate using the Mayo Clinic’s algorithms based on doctors’ diagnosis procedures.

7. The app would get the conclusion to both provide the recommendations and acne breakout predictions.

8. After using for a period of time, the app would get smarter and smarter by its self-learning algorithms.

But this little new stuff is not cheap, according to reports, ScanZ will sell for $249.

ScanZ is set to retail for $249 and targets the parents of teens who want their kids to be acne free.