ZENMED® Refining Scrub Review – My Own Experience

ZENMED® Refining Scrub Review – My Own Experience

The exfoliator is terrific! I love the scent of it. The scrub exfoliates in a gentle way. I have sensitive skin and I use this exfoliator without any problem.

When applying it on to my skin, I can feel the jojoba beads under my fingers. It helps me get rid of dead cells quickly. My skin feels refreshing and it unclogs the pores completely.


I did some research of its ingredients, and I found out the reason why its exfoliating effect is so good. It is because the ZENMED® Refining Scrub uses jojoba beads to exfoliate dead cells mechanically, and it contains glycolic acid, lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acids that effectively slough away the dead cells chemically. The combination of both the mechanical and the chemical exfoliating ways make it work perfectly.

Unlike the other exfoliators, my skin feels hydrated after using the scrub because it contains aloe vera gel and glucerin, which keep skin hydrated.

It doesn’t cause irritation to my skin, no scratches, no sensitive, no irritating. This is because the scrub is infused with Allantoin which is a clinically proven skin protectant and that’s why it has soothing and anti-irritant effect.
After using it for 3 weeks, my skin becomes very smooth and it brightens the dark circle – this is just 3 weeks.
And my skin feels more form and the texture also improved quite a lot after about 50 days. It tightens my skin and even my fine lines reduced.
The best part is: it controlls the oil over my T-zone I can’t explain why but it works.

So I’m 100% satisfied with the scrub and will continue to use it even it’s pretty expensive. I will keep using it because I know it is worthy of every penny.

Why not try it yourself?

Check out the newest discount at the official site:

 ZENMED® Refining Scrub official site

Dr. Kong’s Younger Next Day (Youngernextday.com) Review by a Real User

Dr. Kong’s Younger Next Day (Youngernextday.com) Review by a Real User

The following is Dr. Kong’s Younger Next Day (Youngernextday.com) review written by Rong Han, a HongKong user:

Younger Next Day review by Rong Han from Hong Kong

Hey Im Rongrong from HongKong. I’m 32 and female and have really bad black circles/bags under my eyes. I’ve tried nearly all kinds of skincare creams and try to get enough sleep but my black circles still look so heavy ……My friend recommended this book YoungerNextDay to me she said it was a really Good one. She bought it at $37 about 1 week ago. The official site is offering a limited time offer – 50%. so I bought the copy for just $18 which is about 50% off. 😀 (Update I checked again today and the discount is still available, not sure when it will expire)

To be honest after reading through the ebook I used the method immediately last night. It feels a little uncomfortable at first. I thought that’s because of the the poor blood circulation. So I kept on using the method for half an hour.

Today My dark circles are almost completely gone! This is just the first time I was using the method. I will try doing it for my wrinkles!

YoungerNextDay has, however, the disadvantages. One chapter of the ebook requires biological knowledge. But fortunately Dr.Kong gave the final conclusion. I will never, ever purchase the anti-aging cosmetic products again!

Another thing is, you can’t download everything with just 1 click. In stead you will receive the login information to download those ebooks. I received a letter from Clickbank immediately after I paid, but no login information. I waited a few hours then I realized I should check out the spam email. Then I found the login information there.

Here are the basic steps of my ordering process:

order place


A notification. Sry have to hide my email.


Clickbank Receipt for my order:



Thank you page:

Now you can click on “download or access digital product”.


You have to go to your spam mail to get the login information.

Finally I got the download links!


It includes an e-book, 6 bonus books and 1 video tutorial. The e-book is very well organized and easy to follow. I just go to the main part that talks about the techniques. The video tutorial is in fact a collection of youtube videos and explains in detail how you can operate the ancient method. One tip is do watch the video for a couple of times! It will help you quite a lot!

The last part of the e-book is also very important. It gives you a few important anti-aging recipes you can make yourself at home. I just used the first recipe because it’s the easiest.

The result is fantastic! See my changes below! My heavy black circles nearly gone! It’s truly a wonderful ebook because it can bring amazing results so quickly!

Here is the before and after photo, after using the method from YoungerNextDay! My black bags are greatly reduced after the first treatment. I will keep updating it for sure!

younger next day testimonials

OK this is my review for YoungerNextDay. I’m not associated to this website so you can trust my review. My suggestion is: YoungerNextDay is the best anti-aging and skincare ebook I have ever seen!

The official site: youngernextday.com

-Rong Han

Zetaclear Review: Does Zetaclear Really Works as Nail Fungus Treatment or Just Scam? (Results, Complains, Ingredients, Free Offer)

Zetaclear Review: Does Zetaclear Really Works as Nail Fungus Treatment or Just Scam? (Results, Complains, Ingredients, Free Offer)

Visit Zetaclear official site

Zetaclear reviews


If there is a need to read Zetaclear reviews and if one wants to find the really truthful one, it might mean that one has noticed a possibility of nail fungus appearing. However, before the review itself, there should be some information shared about the disease itself. Understanding about the desease helps to cure it as well as be more calm and collected about the disease. Now you can get your Zetaclear free offer!

Zetaclear Review Does Zetaclear Really Works as Nail Fungus Treatment or Just Scam Results, Complains, Free Offer

People come into contact with nail fungus infection and try to get rid of Nail Fungus by a variety of different treatments. There are many who are not able to cure the disease and , hopefully, the story will not repeat theirs when trying to get rid of this disease as soon as possible.

– Another appointment and new treatment possibility once too often
– An offer to undertake a very expensive laser procedure to cure the disease at the closest hospital
– Any sort of ointments that smell worse than a bag of old socks and do not help at all, except make one even more uncomfortable

Just 3 month treatment

Zetaclear Review Does Zetaclear Really Works as Nail Fungus Treatment or Just Scam Results, Complains, Free Offer 2

Each and every patient is different, but all actually share that annoyance with the disease. these emotions are actully what they have on common form case to case.
Basically if one finds these facts true about themself

– Tiring from paying a lot of money for treatments that do not work
– Fed up with the need to constantly wear socks when it is actually too hot for those or it has started to rain
– Not being able to go to the beach when one is on vacation with a loved one or a colleague because their feet might look terrible in open shoes or flip-flops

This is the right material for one to gain understanding about what they are going through and how to cure these problems. Zetaclear offers a treatment for the nail fungus and promises to actually get rid of this disease.

What is Zetacler?

It actually is a biologically clean method which helps getting rid of fungus infections on the nails and helps lessening the visible part of the infection and allows the nails te heal and appear more healthy.

How does Zetaclear work?

FDA has approved its all naturel components which have been put together to create this medication.

Zetaclear ingredients:

– Tea tree Oil
– Vitamin E oil
– Almond Oil
– Jojoba Oil
– Antimonium Curdum
– Arsenicum Album
– Mancinella
– Nitric Acid
– Nitricum Acidum

Zetaclear Review Does Zetaclear Really Works as Nail Fungus Treatment or Just Scam Results, Complains, Free Offer ingredients

These oils have biological strenght and good impact on nail health. There are also other reasons:

– They reach the deepest layers of the skin under the nail and then all the natural abilities kick in and the healing process starts.
– They give a healthy shine to the nails.
– All the biological characteristics of these components help to soothe the skin and do not cause rashes.
– Zetaclear has been designed in two methods for curing the nail fungus and all its side effects. There is the topical way of using this treatment or an oral spray.
– Zetaclear is the best because it is slution to all problems that might appear in connection with the nail fungus. The topical solution is meant for applying on the nail itself. The soray is meant for sprinkling in the mouth and allowing it to go to the blood stream. The spray is homeopatic and should not cause allergies.
– The solution one applies on the nail directly, stays there and works slowly but efficiently. However, the spray is a quicker solution because, as mentioned before, it goes directly to the bloodstream.
– Most professionals in the field of medicine will confirm that both of these options – a topical gel in this case and oral medication, the spray, are the most commonly used with the nail fungal infections and many other diseases as well.
– Zetaclear has no complicated usage instructions and everyone will find it easy to use
– It could not be complicated, because all one has to do, is make sure that the nail is clean and dry before applying the solution to them. The spray has to be used three times a day and that is it. It is very easy and one just has to remember to do it.

It is noted, that there are some ways how to speed up the recovery process and here are some tips for this requirement:

– Check that all the nail cutting and scraping tools are clean and disinfected
– Do not use nail polish on a nail which has been infected
– Do not wear socks that are too tight and check if they are clean
– Use a special wash for the feet to prevent infection
– Feet have to be dried carefully because some part can be moist for a long time

Zetaclear results

Zetaclear Review Does Zetaclear Really Works as Nail Fungus Treatment or Just Scam Results, Complains, Free Offer 6 Zetaclear Review Does Zetaclear Really Works as Nail Fungus Treatment or Just Scam Results, Complains, Free Offer 5 Zetaclear Review Does Zetaclear Really Works as Nail Fungus Treatment or Just Scam Results, Complains, Free Offer 4 Zetaclear Review Does Zetaclear Really Works as Nail Fungus Treatment or Just Scam Results, Complains, Free Offer 3

Complains about Zetaclear

– The prices might seem high but then one should keep in mind that it pays itself back very soon. The quality is high, the treatment is safe and FDA has approved its components in the solution which will help one getting rid of the fungu and that cannot be cheap. But the health has to come first in every occasion.
-There is also patience. The effect will not be seen at first and might be seen after weeks of using the treatment. It is definitely worth to wait as long as necessary because the positive results will make it all better.

Zetaclear Reviews: Final Conclusion

Zetaclear has been approved and registered with the FDA, otherwise known and Food and Drug Administration. This is an automatic quality stamp about standards and safety people are cautious about. There should be no side effects if these solutions are used as they should be used, Natural oils do not usually have negative side effects or cause allergies.
It is possible to try out this product for 30 days without paying for it and then decide that the treatment is really worth it. This is an amazing offer.


See if Zetaclear Free Offer still available NOW!


Acne Remedies Guide Review (Victoria West): Homemade Acne Remedies That Work!

Acne Remedies Guide Review (Victoria West): Homemade Acne Remedies That Work!

Visit Acne Remedies Guide (Victoria West) Official Site

Looking for acne remedies that truly work? For all those pople who want to a clean and clear face but fear the use of pills or those who have tried various solution for acne but none have suited their skin type,‭ they should read Acne Remedies Guide by Victoria West and try this comprehensive and integrated solution to acne which has been‭ ‬developed by a previous acne sufferer who cleared acne using this technique. Acne Remedies Guide has promised results, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and 100% natural!

Acne Remedies Guide Review (Victoria West) Acne Remedies That Work

Acne Remedies Guide Review (Victoria West)

So what is involved in the Acne Remedies Guide Holistic Program‭?

A comprehensive program is a holistic and complete package that enables the person to get rid of any physical or psychological disease.‭ ‬In this case,‭ ‬the target of the program is to get rid of acne and give a clean and clear,‭ ‬fresh looking skin.

Victoria West,‭ ‬creator of the program has utilised‭ ‬100‭ ‬percent natural ingredients that have no side effects.‭ ‬This program helps to treat the root cause of the acne and not the symptoms of acne which most medications do.acne remedies guide review

Related  book: Acne No More Review (Mike Walden)

You have 0 risk to buy because it has 100% money back guarantee!Sleep Apnea Exercises Program Review How to Cure Sleep Apnea Naturally At Home

What experience of acne does Victoria West actually have‭?

Victoria West had been suffering from the problem of acne for many years and had tried almost all of the doctor prescribed and available medications and solutions to the problem but was not satisfied with the results which only treated the symptoms and not the underlying cause.‭ ‬She then proceeded to finding out the main cause of the disease which led to such a situation.

She then made a team which consisted of a nutritionist,‭ ‬traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and a skin care consultant.‭ ‬Together with them she analysed her diet and her living style.‭ ‬She changed everything,‭ ‬with consultation to her team,‭ ‬that was thought to be a reason for acne.‭ ‬She also recorded everything that was necessary for knowing the disease better and compiled it into a book known as‭ ‘‬Acne Remedies Guide‭’‬.

What Guarantees are there‭?

Victoria has great trust on the program that she has designed and therefore offers a‭ ‬100‭ ‬percent money back guarantee within‭ ‬60‭ ‬days of use if the customer is not satisfied with the results.‭ ‬This means that the customer has nothing to lose‭!

Find Acne Remedies Guide testimonals here

Acne Remedies Guide Review (Victoria West) Acne Remedies That Work 3

Acne Remedies Guide Review (Victoria West) Acne Remedies That Work 2

Extra Bonuses that will help one become‭ ‬Healthier‭

Additional bonuses are being offered at the main website in order to promote‭ ‬healthy life.‭ ‬The retail price of this bonus is‭ ‬$80,‭ ‬but is free for‭ ‬all the customer who order Acne Remedies Guide.

Acne Remedies Guide comes with 3 free bonuses that worth $100

-‭ ‬Natural Herbal Remedies:‭ ‬This‭ ‬72‭ ‬pages ebook is a good source of natural herbal cures and remedies that are the solution to everyday problems and diseases.‭ ‬Such diseases include:‭ ‬Skin problems,‭ ‬diabetes,‭ ‬obesity,‭ ‬coughs,‭ ‬colds and digestion problems

-‭ ‬Detoxify the Body:‭ ‬This guide helps one to get rid of wastes and toxins from their body.‭ ‬This will in turn help the customer lose weight and abdominal fat.‭ ‬This book is useful when used in combination with the other books provided.

-‭ ‬Natural Skin Care Guide:‭ ‬This book highlights‭ ‬homemade remedies to get a clear and fresh skin with natural products.‭ ‬The ingredients used are available at every grocery store.

Acne Remedies Guide Review (Victoria West) Acne Remedies That Work

Download Acne Remedies Guide with 0 risk! (60 days money back guarantee!)


(For a limited time offer you will get it at $19, just be hurry before the price goes up!)



Acne No More Review (Mike Walden): Does it Work or Scam?

Acne No More Review (Mike Walden): Does it Work or Scam?

Visit Acne No More Official page (by Mike Walden)

Finally, an effective acne treatment solution that is natural and guarantees to cure acne within 2 months come out! Acne is a problem that can be very embarrassing for the victim as it affects his looks and thus overall personality. If you are tired of fighting acne as the creams you use do not remove it completely, you must read the e-book titled Acne No More written by Mike Walden.

acne no more review 4

Acne No More Review (Mike Walden)

Acne No More is a comprehensive book that covers every aspect of this medical condition that can mar your personality. It is full of facts and information that comes handy as you prepare to fight acne.  This book tells you that acne is merely a symptom and you have to look at the root causes of these pimples to get rid of acne on a long term basis. You have to deal with these internal issues rather than trying to remove merely the symptoms that are shown up in the form of acne. The book tells you exactly what you need to do to remove acne from your system.

Read more: Acne Remedies Guide Review (Victoria West), Restore My Vision Today review

Who is Mike Walden?

This book is written by Mike Walden after 12 years of research and trial and error on different treatment methods. Interestingly, Walden is not a doctor but a nutritionist who has come up with a holistic plan to not only get rid of existing acne but to stop these blisters from coming again on the face of the victim.

What you can learn from Acne No More? 

To summerize, this is not just an ebook, but a holistic approach that works to remove acne from inside!

Acne No More is a treatment plan that works at 5 different levels that are designed to remove the root causes of acne. Acne can be very debilitating for you as it can not only leave behind scars on your face but also on your confidence. Mike Walden has devised a holistic approach with a 5 pronged strategy to not only remove but also to keep them away from your system.

The major sections or layers of this system are as follows.

– It cleanses and flushes the system from inside to bring about a balance in hormone production

– It looks after your nutrition and supplement requirements by making you eat fresh fruits and vegetables

– It detoxifies your body and recommends the right diet plan to reduce the levels of toxic elements inside your body

– It has a plan to reduce your stress levels and to optimize your sleep

– It looks after natural care of your skin


What you can benefit from Acne No More?

Acne No More is often referred to as acne bible by those who have made use of this book and benefitted from it. Though there are no quick fix solutions offered in this book, all those who follow the advice and tips given by Mike in this book have benefitted a lot from this book. The following is a list of main benefits that accrue to the reader if he follows the advice and makes use of the remedies made of 100% natural ingredients.

– Your acne will be cured within 2 months

– 100% natual Without any side effects.

– Your acne are removed from the face

– Oil production on your face becomes balanced

– Blackhead formation stops

– You do not suffer from redness and irritation

– Your system is cleansed and detoxified

– Your confidence gets a big boost

0 risk to buy because of its 60 Money back guarantee!

acne no more review 3

What’s the difference of Acne No More compared with the other acne treatment system?

Some people complain that you can find nearly all of the contents on Internet. Yes this is true. In fact, now you can find all the contents on Internet for any book. But this not means the book is worthless! In fact, this book give you the right guidance to select the real useful and scientific information among scams and save you much time to cure your acne directly without painful trials!

Think about it, this book has been on market for several years and still sells like a hot cake! This means this book has been tested by thousands of users, although a small part complains, there’re still a lot benefit from it.

Now if you are still suffering from acne. This is a signal to inform you that your body needs you to change! This will not be a very comfortable process but after changing your life style, you will get what you deserve: smooth skin and confidence!

You can read more of people’s reviews from a popular acne forum, although some people disagreed the opinions written in the book, their conclusion is: Acne No More is not a scam at all! You can also read what the customers think after reading the book. Further more, another fact for people who cares about acne is they failed to stop acne and those who have stopped acne would seldom discuss with such topics!

acne no more forum review 2

acne no more forum review 1


Acne No More user testimonals

acne no more review user testimonals 4 acne no more review user testimonals 3 acne no more review user testimonals 2 acne no more review user testimonals acne no more review user

Try it and change your life now here with 0 risk!

Acne No More (Mike Walden)

acne no more review 2

How Do You Get Acne Scars?

How Do You Get Acne Scars?

Think of your skin as the finest silk, a fine cloth that is designed to cover many of your most valuable organs. Skin has been designed to be seamless, so as not to allow harmful foreign objects have access to our sensitive internal body parts.

Now, imagine the same smooth silk with small tears on it and you can picture the massive difference on how that looks compared to a flawless one. It’s the same scenario with our skin. Burns, wounds, and other forms of trauma, including surgery, can produce scars.

People have different kinds of scars. Some of them are not all that ugly, especially those that smartly appear in concealed parts of the body. But when they do appear, you may want to look for ways to treat it or at the very least, slow its growth instead of hiding it behind clothes. In reality, scars will not entirely disappear. However, there are ways that can aid in the reduction of its size and effectively alter its look.

How Do We Get Scars?

Note that scarring is an expected stage of the healing process after an injury has occurred. Its appearance and treatment rely on a number of factors.

The extent of the wound and its location are two important factors that can directly affect the manner with which it can be treated. So does the patient’s age, genetics, gender, and even ethnicity.

Most Common Types of Scars


Acne Scar Types

Contracture scars. Scars that appear when a burned skin has healed. These scars make the skin tighter, which can affect one’s capacity to move. Contracture scars can sometimes go beyond the skin, affecting nerves and muscles.

Keloid scars. When the body has an overly aggressive healing system, the scars have the potential to extend further than the actual injury. In time, a keloid scar may impede movement. These scars can be removed via surgery with silicone sheets to squash the scar and to induce steroid injections.

Small keloids are usually treated by freezing these with liquid nitrogen or cryotherapy. Keloid formation can also be prevented by applying gel pads with silicone whenever you are injured. People with dark skin are prone to keloids.

Acne scars. Severe breakouts can produce acne scars. There are various types of acne scars, beginning with angular scars that look like waves and deep pits. The efficacy of treatment depends on the types of acne scars you have.

It is the last type of scars which we would like to delve on. The question is, how do we get acne scars?

Even with the most meticulous cleaning method, one can still develop scars. However, not all acne scars are the same. By large, there are two categories of acne scars:

1. Atrophic or caused by the loss of tissue

2. And hypertrophic or caused by an excess of tissue

Under these categories, here are some of the most common types of acne scarring:

1. Boxcar Scars. These are oval in shape and they appear as concave abrasions on the skin. They are usually located on the temple and cheeks.

2. Rolling Scars. They are wave-like in shape. Rolling scars are formed because of the bands underneath the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, which keeps the epidermis in place. The process distorts the top skin and ultimately causes a scar.

3. Ice-Pick Scars. This is considered as the most common type of acne scar. However, in extreme cases, ice-pick scars can become big, open pore-like skin abrasions. These kinds of scars are seen during persistent acne manifestations or right after a cyst has developed.

4. Dark Acne Marks. This refers to acne that has been inflamed causing the darkening of the skin. This odd coloration is known as PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and it usually comes with acne.

Most acne scars are the result of a swollen lesion such as a cyst, papule, or pustule. They appear when our skin pores are filled with dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria. The pores puff out, causing a fracture on the skin wall. If the crack appears near the skin’s surface, the acne is usually slight and it will heal fast. Larger and more serious abrasions appear when there is a deep break in the skin wall. The infected material attempts to come out of the skin, and then the process rupture healthy skin tissue.

The body starts to work in repairing the damage on the skin and it does so using new collagen fibers. Collagen is the fiber that provides the skin its flexibility and strength. Regrettably, the repair job will not look as even and faultless as prior to the skin breakout.

There are times when body manufactures excess collagen, and this produces a mass of elevated tissue on the top of the skin. This type of scarring is called referred to as hypertrophic.

In most cases, acne leads to depressed or atrophic scars. Atrophic scars form when there is a deficiency of tissues. Ice pick scars are perfect samples of atrophic scars.

The extent of scar development is usually measured by the level of inflammation it attains. The bigger the inflammation on the skin, the greater the possibility of scarring can happen. Massive breakouts that heal slowly can also boost the chances of scarring. On the other hand, whiteheads, blackheads, and other minor types of blemishes generally do not lead to scarring since these types of lesions do not totally damage skin tissue.

Always try to avoid the temptation to pick and squeeze acne. Every time you do that, you are forcing fragments or debris deeper into the skin where this can lead to infection of other tissues. When this happens, the inflammation can only worsen.

You should also refrain from picking at scabs. The scab is the body’s natural “bandage” which covers the wound as it heals. Removing a scab off a wound before it is ready delays the healing process and boosts the chances of scarring.

And lastly, always keep your body clean.


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