101 Toxic Food Ingredients (by Anthony Alayon) Review- Legit or Scam?

101 Toxic Food Ingredients (by Anthony Alayon) Review- Legit or Scam?

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101 Toxic Food Ingredients review

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Food analysts are always heard saying “eat this” and “eat that”, but what they fail to mention; at least the most of them is what not to eat for the sake of good health. This area is covered by Anthony Alayon the Anthony Alayon of 101 Toxic Food Ingredients. He explains in the written material the toxic food items that can cause harmful and even fatal diseases to human beings. This may sound strange but the very food that is supposed to keep the human beings alive and functional is causing them to die these days. To find out why and how, keep reading.download

How Much is Intoxicated?

Anthony Alayon speaks that there are 80% grocery items that are contaminated with one or more toxic items. This figure has been confessed of by the Grocery 101 Toxic Food Ingredientsion Association. These toxins are no jokes, they can cause serious ailments and can cause death. The more one consumes these food items, the bigger risk he exposes himself to of dying. Yes, packaged food and even vegetables can be life threatening.

The reason of this is manure and artificially manufactured, or more appropriately, “engineered” fertilizers. These fertilizers include God knows what kinds of chemicals and are produced through procedures that are surely not meant for something that is to be consumed by a human being. Figures speak for themselves, one out of five cancer patients are ill due to chubbiness and the other 3 due to poor nutrition and low levels of physical activity.

Are Disclosures Right?

Anthony Alayon argues that it is not necessary that the labels found on food items are accurate. They may show false nutritional value of an item. In some other cases, food manufacturers hide one ingredient or two that they know their consumers are not going to like going in their stomach. So they simply erase it out. Anthony Alayon lives to tell the readers about the art of living longer by eating the right stuff and abiding by the rules of nutrition while purchasing food items.

Anthony Alayon has been a food expert and a fitness professional for 14 years. He has been researching on food and ingredients for thousands of hours. Anthony Alayon was able to gather enough knowledge courtesy being surrounding by top of their line experts in health and fitness to make a book of his findings.

Cancer in your food:

There are three ingredients in the food items that can cause cancer. Alarmingly these three ingredients are being consumed by most people on daily basis. Nothing is asked more than to just exclude these food items from the list of consumed goods. Doing that ensures safety from diseases like heart pains, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, depression and blood pressure related problems.

Anthony Alayon shares some mistakes that are common but fatal in nature. These mistakes are all food related. The diseases mentioned above in this review cause deaths of more than 1.3 million people every year. He uncovers the fact that fruits and vegetables are not as healthy as they once used to be. They are now tampered with and engineered in a way that they become toxic. It is fine to wonder how food is actually tampered with, the answer lies in the genetics. Genes from one food are added to the DNA of another to produce a desirable new breed. Same case happens here and G.M.O or genetically modified food is produced.

In a bit plain English it means that food is taken out of its natural and obviously stale state and it becomes more prone to toxins therefore. But the question that arises is that for whose gain is this done? Anthony Alayon answers this that the fruit producers undertake this method in order to get mass 101 Toxic Food Ingredientsion and a better per acre growth. Doing so brings them more profits, but at whose expense says Anthony Alayon? The consumers; who are being fed with hazardous chemicals, which are not meant for human consumption.

Cholesterol Problems:

This is a very common problem and the reason why this occurs is found out as mainly being intoxicated by food items. Anthony Alayon tells of a horrifying effect of these intoxicated food items that they can cause infertility in human beings.

Neotame is an ingredient found in fizzy drinks as well as in several other food items that is responsible of skyrocketing one’s blood pressure. Anthony Alayon is sure that most people who are consuming it every day have never heard of this ingredient before. Why is that so? It is so because this ingredient is “hidden” from the consumers so as to sell the 101 Toxic Food Ingredients. Not only can this ingredient cause high blood pressure, it can cause brain cancer as well. These toxins can have a severe adverse effect on the eyesight.

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