Dr. Kong’s Younger Next Day (Youngernextday.com) Review by a Real User

Dr. Kong’s Younger Next Day (Youngernextday.com) Review by a Real User

The following is Dr. Kong’s Younger Next Day (Youngernextday.com) review written by Rong Han, a HongKong user:

Younger Next Day review by Rong Han from Hong Kong

Hey Im Rongrong from HongKong. I’m 32 and female and have really bad black circles/bags under my eyes. I’ve tried nearly all kinds of skincare creams and try to get enough sleep but my black circles still look so heavy ……My friend recommended this book YoungerNextDay to me she said it was a really Good one. She bought it at $37 about 1 week ago. The official site is offering a limited time offer – 50%. so I bought the copy for just $18 which is about 50% off. 😀 (Update I checked again today and the discount is still available, not sure when it will expire)

To be honest after reading through the ebook I used the method immediately last night. It feels a little uncomfortable at first. I thought that’s because of the the poor blood circulation. So I kept on using the method for half an hour.

Today My dark circles are almost completely gone! This is just the first time I was using the method. I will try doing it for my wrinkles!

YoungerNextDay has, however, the disadvantages. One chapter of the ebook requires biological knowledge. But fortunately Dr.Kong gave the final conclusion. I will never, ever purchase the anti-aging cosmetic products again!

Another thing is, you can’t download everything with just 1 click. In stead you will receive the login information to download those ebooks. I received a letter from Clickbank immediately after I paid, but no login information. I waited a few hours then I realized I should check out the spam email. Then I found the login information there.

Here are the basic steps of my ordering process:

order place


A notification. Sry have to hide my email.


Clickbank Receipt for my order:



Thank you page:

Now you can click on “download or access digital product”.


You have to go to your spam mail to get the login information.

Finally I got the download links!


It includes an e-book, 6 bonus books and 1 video tutorial. The e-book is very well organized and easy to follow. I just go to the main part that talks about the techniques. The video tutorial is in fact a collection of youtube videos and explains in detail how you can operate the ancient method. One tip is do watch the video for a couple of times! It will help you quite a lot!

The last part of the e-book is also very important. It gives you a few important anti-aging recipes you can make yourself at home. I just used the first recipe because it’s the easiest.

The result is fantastic! See my changes below! My heavy black circles nearly gone! It’s truly a wonderful ebook because it can bring amazing results so quickly!

Here is the before and after photo, after using the method from YoungerNextDay! My black bags are greatly reduced after the first treatment. I will keep updating it for sure!

younger next day testimonials

OK this is my review for YoungerNextDay. I’m not associated to this website so you can trust my review. My suggestion is: YoungerNextDay is the best anti-aging and skincare ebook I have ever seen!

The official site: youngernextday.com

-Rong Han

Ryan Hughes’ Muscle Matrix Solution Review: 6 Things You Should Know!

Ryan Hughes’ Muscle Matrix Solution Review: 6 Things You Should Know!

Here are 6 things you should know about “Muscle Matrix Solution”, created by a reputable trainer Ryan Hughes.

About Ryan Hughes


You may be wondering who Ryan Hughes is. He is one of the America’s top trainers and has made his appearance on the national TV shows.

You may be wondering who Ryan Hughes is. He is one of the America’s top trainers and has made several appearances on the natural TV shows. Here are a few more facts about him: 1. He started his training sessions as early as 15 years old, when his height was 6’1” and weighted only 136 lbs. 2. He is one of the first IFBB Men’s physique pros 3. He is an International fitness cover model 4. Now he works as a well-known professional trainer and a fitness professional.

Before is Ryan Hughes’ before and after photos after following his program.

Ryan Hughes' Muscle Matrix Solution Review 6 Things You Should Know

Now let’s go deep into the program. I personally bought the program about 4 months ago. After I tried it myself for a total 4 months, I cam assure that Muscle Matrix Solution is one of the best training programs because it mixes the hypertrophy and strength rep ranges in a very smart way. You will get the desired results by following his training and the nutrition plans very soon.

Here are a few things you should know:

1. This program is for:

  • People who want a better look by building a muscular and lean body
  • New trainers who want to lose fat
  • Advanced trainees that are going to try new effective techniques.

After you purchased it you will receive a welcome page. It contains navigation tabs on the top. With the tabs you can easily navigate the program.

2. The program is based on the fact: you should do exercises that can help you turn up your hormones that increase muscle gain and turn down the hormones that increase fat gain! The reason why so many workout programs failed because they are horrible for boosting the right hormones, thus those programs caused a lot of problems.

3. The program is well organized into 3 parts: in the workout parts it only takes 30 minutes a day and do 3 times a week.

Ryan Hughes' Muscle Matrix Solution Review 6 Things You Should Know 5

4. The nutrition program of Muscle Matrix Solution will help you balance he hormones and get the maximum workout result.

5. It’s important to add daily supplements because you can’t get everything you need for the bodybuilding process. Within the supplement part, Ryan is sharing the supplements he takes himself to help you get the total success.

6. It has 60 days money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

In sum

Muscle Matrix Solution program by Ryan Hughes is worth trying if you are a guy ready to burn fat and gain muscle. The book will help you change your life forever! Get it below for just $47!

muscle matrix solution review 5

Dr. Max Sidorov’s The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Review

This is my honest “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie” by Dr.Max Sidorov review. Do you know why your diabetes can’t be completely treated and why those commonly used drugs can’t help you cure your diabetes forever! In fact numerous studies have already proven that it’s 100% sure that people with diabetes 2 or even diabetes 1 can have the normal blood sugar level and the normal level of insulin activity. This is the bloody truth the doctors didn’t tell you and will not tell you!
7-steps-to-health-diabetes-book review
When I read the ebook “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie” I realized immediately that this book is a really Good book because the ebook is based on so many researches and studies. In fact most doctors know very clear that this book tells the truth but they are not willing to tell to their patients!  Before we go deep into the book I want to say some of the points I think not so good personally.
The first is some of the researches are outdated. You can see the paper list from the reference sessions, that some of the papers were published before 2000 and in fact some new researches have been coming out ever since but not mentioned within the book. The second is, the book focuses mainly on diets and introduced some really authoritative ways that have been used on clinical studies as the standard protocol. But it neglected the truth that, for diabetes patients it’s a little difficult to turn to a totally different diet and change to another lifestyle immediately.
Besides these 2 points. This book is still very good and worthy of purchasing. It will change your mind and if you take efforts into changing your lifestyle your diabetes will be reversed!

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Review – Here are several things you should know about “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie”.


 The truths you should know!

Throughout the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry has been constructed by investors, the goal being to replace effective but non-patentable natural remedies with mostly ineffective but patentable and highly profitable pharmaceutical drugs. The very nature of the pharmaceutical industry is to make money from ongoing diseases.

What you can benefit from the ebook?

You can take your health back into your own hands. You can free yourself from the shackles of constant blood sugar readings, daily drug regimens and even prevent the horrible health complications that await diabetics down the road.

scientific truth

Here are the top features of this ebook:


The type 2 diabetes will be reversed in as short as 3 weeks!

No drugs, pills or insulin injections needed

It’s twice as effective as the main type 2 diabetes medicines.

It has been used by tens of thousands of people distributed in as many as 40 countries.

How an endocrinologist helped his patients come off insulin permanently.

What kind of foods in your fridge is making your diabetes worse!

Several doctors assembled hundreds of scientific studies and researches into a step to step guide, called “the 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie”

It will help you prevent any horrible health complications linked to diabetes

It will lower your cholesterol levels 25-30% without using prescription drugs.

And much more!

As it comes with 60 days money back guarantee, you have 0 risk trying it out!

Get it today with 0 risk!


Dr.Kong’s Younger Next Day Ebook Review

Dr.Kong’s Younger Next Day Ebook Review

Dr.Kong’s Younger Next Day will be launched later this month! Younger Next Day is the first ebook that will help you get rid of multiple skin problems during a short period ranging from a few hours to a few weeks!


Here are a few benefits of Younger Next Day:


Your dark circles under your eyes will be solved within 12 hours!

Your wrinkles will be greatly reduced within just days to a few weeks!

You will know why it’s stupid investing in high end makeup items!

Your other skin problems will be improved within short period of time!

You will know a magic way to improve your overall health!

All of the methods within this ebook are natural without side effects and 100% safe!


For the first 100 buyers, special bonuses will be packed within the “Younger Next Day package” below:

189 healthy recipes

Anti Aging Made Easy

Anti-Aging beauty secrets

Healthy Snacks For A Week

Vegan-Living secret

Whole Health secret
Find the details on the official site

SpecForce Alpha Review (Tobb Lamb): 10 Things You should Know About SpecForce Alpha pdf eBook!

SpecForce is a very popular bodybuilding ebook on market that helps you reshape the body and no equipment needed. The protocol within SpecForce Alpha is organized by Todd Lamb who is a former Swat Leader And Elite Military Operator. The techniques have been employed by the army, firefighters and special unites of police to maintain the Alpha body shape, that means ripped silhouette with powerful muscles, strong shoulders and chest.

Tobb Lamb’s SpecForce Alpha Review: Here are 10 things you should know

SpecForce Alpha Review (Tobb Lamb) 10 Things You should Know About SpecForce Alpha pdf eBook

  1. This is a guide that you can do it yourself at anywhere you feel comfortable.
  2. Todd Lamb himself went through so many training sessions with the special units that he organized the protocol and shared to anyone who wants a stronger body. All of the protocols have been experienced and tested by Todd himself.
  3. You can obtain the result at a very short time for sure because the techniques have been tested by the author himself and by thousands of the units members. Below is one of the user after using for a short term you can see amazing changes.
SpecForce Alpha Review (Tobb Lamb) 10 Things You should Know About SpecForce Alpha pdf eBook Reinhard

User testimonial: before and after photo

4. The workout routine is applicable and easy to follow.
5. With “The Spec force Alpha” you don’t have to purchase any particular workout equipment because all the workout sessions are done using self body weight.
6. No steroids shots are required during the process to increase the metabolism and the bodybuilding process.
7. You don’t have to change your dietary habits. You can eat anything you like.
8. It will improve your testosterone and growth hormones naturally. Thus your sexual life will be improved and you will gain a more dominant male attitude. This will help you attract women as well and it also helps you fight stress with specially designed workout sessions.
9. It helps you burn fat and turn the fat mass to the muscle mass.
10. this ebook is not fit for anyone stated within the presentation video on the home page. Check out if you are fit or not here.

As it comes with 60 days money back guarantee, It is worth trying because you have 0 risk purchasing it!

SpecForce Alpha Review (Tobb Lamb) 10 Things You should Know About SpecForce Alpha pdf eBook 2